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Once you have chosen the right color for your painting project it is time to choose the paint finish. You can choose from 5 kinds of paint finishes. There are inherent benefits to each of these kinds of finish so it is important for you to learn about them before you pick one for your project.

Matte Finish

Although all paint begins glossy, and then it dulls once titanium dioxide, a chalky substance, has been added. Flat finishes have low reflectivity because they have the most of this substance. This type of paint covers up imperfections in uneven surfaces, and easily abrades. Flat paint works best on ceilings because it is better for them to have less reflection. Mattes have the ability to boost color used on walls.


Eggshell finishes are exactly what the name implies. They have the low gloss of an eggshell. There is only a whisper of gloss which is better for cleaning than flat finish paints are.

Satin Finish

With a smooth and slightly glossier finish satin finish paints are usually utilized for trim, ceilings, doors, and windows. However, satin finish paints can also be used for walls. High-traffic areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, or kids’ rooms are a great use for this paint finish type because it is designed to permit light scrubbing and cleaning.


Semi-gloss finish paints are generally put on cabinets, doors, and trim for bathrooms and kitchens. It gives a slight sheen which can be cleaned with ease. Surfaces must be well prepared though or it will give a poor appearance to the work.


There is a reflective look to high gloss paints which is similar to plastic or enamel. It is not usually an interior paint, but it is being used more and more to create a vivid and contemporary look. It is extremely important to thoroughly prepare the painting surface as a glossy finish will enhance flaws giving the finished work a poor appearance.

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