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We take care of all aspects of a project from the beginning to the end, and we do our very best to keep the occupants satisfied. We endeavor to not be intrusive while still working to get the job done right and on schedule, and since we guarantee our estimates we are always on budget.

Preparation & Process

  • For the occupants’ privacy and accessibility we provide plenty of notice before beginning.
  • We will meet with a representative on a weekly basis to explain our progress, and to answer any questions.
  • We will lay down drop sheets to avoid damage, and for faster cleaning.  
  • We deliver high quality work at commercial rates.
  • We do not move from job to job. We work every day to get your project done before we go to the next.
  • We cover all aspects of a project from repairs to cleanup.
  • We have no difficulties working with other tradesmen.

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Got a condo painting project? Look no further than Ottawa Painting Contractors for your next condominium painting project. With expert service, and reasonable estimates, we hope that you will provide us the opportunity to provide you a quote. Give us a call at (613) 319-8431, chat live online, or email us at

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