paint-sheenFlat paint is a matte finish.  It does not reflect light and is perfect for concealing minor imperfections, wear and age.  If there are major problems with the walls, consider patching or replacement before painting.

Semi-gloss is shinier than flat, just like you would expect.  Because of that sheen, it will reflect light better.  That means it will also tend to highlight imperfections like uneven surfaces and dings.  If the interior walls are new, semi-gloss is the choice.

Both types are durable and washable.  Flat paint has a tendency to show the dirt more readily because of its porous surface.  Semi-gloss is somewhat more durable and is generally recommended for high traffic areas, such as children’s rooms and baths.  Semi-gloss is easier to simply wipe clean since its surface is more slippery and less porous.

Discuss your needs with a paint professional at Ottawa Painting Contractors.  We will offer free consultations.  Prepare and bring a list of your needs and lifestyle.  Include age of the home, activity level including children, pets and entertaining.  With our help you can decide on the best alternative for you and for the long-term satisfaction of living in your home.